Evergladers - Shark Valley tour in the Florida Everglades

Tours of the Everglades

This page includes an overview of tour options in the Everglades, to serve as a starting place for further planning.

Tour Options in the Everglades

  • Shark Valley Tram Tour
  • Everglades Observation Deck
  • Boat Tours, Swamp Tours
  • Kayak and Canoe Tours
  • Walking and Hiking Tours
  • Wildlife Watching Tours
  • Fishing Tours, Bicycle Tours
  • Everglades at Night Tours
  • Art and Photography Tours
  • Multi-day Tours
  • Custom Tours

Are Everglades tours worth taking?

Guided tours are often the only way for visitors to experience the Everglades backcountry. The Everglades terrain is extremely difficult to access, even for experts. The territory is very isolated, and local expertise is essential for safety.

Experienced and trained outdoors people can paddle, camp and explore the Everglades independently. But, for casual visitors, tours and rentals are almost always the best and most practical choice.

There is also an option for custom, private tours which can provide more of an expedition experience with the safety and knowledge of a local expert.

The quality of Everglades tours varies greatly, so visitors should be careful to choose a tour that provides good value and is respectful of nature and wildlife.

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